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What does Euro 6 mean?

What is Euro 6?

Euro 6 is a limit set for the emissions of Heavy Duty vehicles. It states maximum values for what is allowed to come out of the exhaust.

For health and air quality, the most important regulated emissions are:
- NO (Oxides of Nitrogen)
- PM (Particulate Matter)

Also regulated are:
- HC (Hydrocarbons)
- CO (Carbon monoxide)
- NH (Ammonia)

Euro VI and its benefits

Customers are already buying our Euro VI trucks in their thousands because they understand that, when it comes to value, our trucks are number one. This is due to the fact that, unlike many other Euro VI manufacturers, we’ve invested significantly to ensure Euro VI doesn’t mean more costs for your operation.

Instead, you’ll enjoy typical fuel savings of 5%, no matter the Mercedes-Benz model you choose. And all our models require 40% less AdBlue too. Add in Repair and Maintenance rates that are no higher than Euro V, even taking into account extra servicing needs, and our trucks really are the number one choice for Euro VI.

Canter and Euro VI requirements

Our heavier models (i.e. over 3.5 tonnes) all move up to the Euro VI heavy-duty emissions level while all 3.5 tonne GVW models move up to the light-duty emissions level, Euro 5b+. And, like out Euro VI range, we’ve invested significantly to make sure there is no penalty on fiel efficieny or CO2 emmissions for your business. In fact, all Canter models are more fuel-efficient than any previous Canter, featuring fuel-saving enhancements such as an engine idle start/stop system as standard.

To see how you could save with Mercedes-Benz Euro VI call now.

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