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New Actros

More than just economical. The Actros.

Well-being in the workplace. This is a key requirement for stress-free driving. And a promise which the Actros cabs live up to on every trip with their ergonomics as well as their equipment and details which are matched precisely to the work processes involved in long-distance transport.

Comfort. With a total of eleven application-oriented cab variants, the Actros offers outstanding working, living and sleeping accommodation solutions for every application in the long-distance transport sector. In addition to the light, friendly ambience and the distinct separation of workplace and living space, the headroom of up to 2.13m, the great freedom of movement along with plenty of stowage space and comfortable beds ensure optimum comfort for working, living and sleeping.

Economy. The excellent overall economy of the Actros is the result of a number of different factors. For example, it comes equipped with particularly fuel-efficient technology –while a wide range of service offers can make for even greater cost-effectiveness and vehicle availability. Furthermore, coordinated services, such as FleetBoard and Mercedes-Benz Finance can also contribute to low running costs. Driver training courses also play a role. Another plus point where cost effectiveness is concerned: guaranteed residual value either directly through Mercedes-Benz UK or via a suitable Mercedes-Benz Finance product.

Driving dynamics. For an optimal driving experience, we have equipped the Actros with an innovative rear axle guide for 4x2 vehicles, a sensitive steering system and a wide, taut frame. The responsive engines, which are available in a total of 16 power output ratings culminating in 460 kW (625 hp), work in conjunction with the Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmission to provide economical driving enjoyment.

Industry-specific vehicle concepts. If the ability to carry a heavy payload is a key requirement, the Actros Loader is the right choice. For volume-oriented applications, the Actros Volumer is the right solution.

Stay ahead in every aspect, call your local depot today and experience a new dimension, the new Actros from Mercedes-Benz.

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